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My work is about storytelling and the city of New Orleans. In my work, I try to portray the city in a playful yet sober way, drawing on my surroundings and a sense of New Orleans' self-endowed magic and mythology. There is a tradition here of allowing mythology to create culture, fill in the gaps of history and distort reality. I find the city's relationship to myth ripe with inspiration and artistic material. Elements of the urban landscape find their way into my work, such as skylines of Creole cottages, flocks of green parrots over Bayou St. John, and telephone poles planted askew in the silty earth. For me these things, on one hand, are symbolic remnants of New Orleans' past, and, on the other, evidence of a pulse here that is faint but steady, subtle and hopeful. These drawings reflect my own perception of, and relationship with the city, whose essence is a love story which is overwhelming at times, whose day-to-day functions are a bit of a comedy, and whose tragedies have been and still are epic.

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  • New Orleans Center For Creative Arts
    Student in the Visual Arts from August 1998 until graduating in May 2001
  • The San Francisco Art Institute
    Enrolled from August 2001 - May 2005
    Graduated May 21, 2005 with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art

Fine Art Exhibitions

  • Package, Live Worms Gallery, San Francisco, CA, March 2004
  • A Benefit For Ciudad de los Ninos, Galleria de Balazo, San Francisco, CA, December 2004
  • The San Francisco Art Institute Spring Show, The San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, May 2005
  • ArtMelt 2007, The Shaw Center in Baton Rouge, May 2007
  • Brunner Gallery Invitational, Brunner Gallery in Baton Rouge, July 2007
  • Unwrapped, 628 Baronne St. in New Orleans, during Art For Art's Sake, October 2007
  • Constance Book Release, Barristers Gallery in New Orleans, March 2008
  • Way Down In New Orleans, Civilian Art Projects, Washington D.C., September 2008

Publications and Awards

  • Constance: Delicate Burdens, January 2008
  • Constance: Replicas and Replacements, December 2006
    Constance is an independently produced publication exhibiting the work of visual artists and writers living in and working with the city of New Orleans.
  • Recipient, Brunner Gallery Award, May 2007

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Storytelling #2 (Hallelujah Bye and Bye)
ink on paper, 7" x 10"

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Tear the Roof Off the Sucka
ink on paper, 9" x 12"

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Storytelling #1
ink on paper, 7" x 10"

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I'll Fly Away
ink on paper, 7" x 10"

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